Botanical Basil Plant Candles

Our Botanical Range is the our most eco friendly candle to date. The concrete vessel is completely handmade and the wax we use in these candles is Soy Wax which is much more eco friendly than other candle waxes.
When your candle is finished burning you container can be used to grow a Basil plant for your home or kitchen. After burning this candle you are giving something back to the environment.

How does it turn into a plant?
1. Once your candle is finished layer the bottom of the container with the small stones provided in your candle package.
2. Put some soil in the bottom of the container
3. Place the seeded paper thats provided with your candle on top of the soil and cover with a little more soil
4. Water the pot lightly and watch it grow into a useful kitchen ingredient with a natural clean odour.
This plant will keep growing with care and can become completely reusable time after time.