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Shake & Sprinkle Carpet & Upholstery Fresheners

This new range of powdered, highly scented carpet fresheners come in a selection of amazing smelling fragrances.


Shake & Sprinkle comes in a 500g pouch giving you several chances to freshen carpets and upholstery for a long lasting, fresh smell.  It can also be used to freshen up  mattresses and fabric car interiors. It couldn't be easier to use!


Our carpet fragrances have cleaning abilities and will leave your home smelling wonderful!

Hold the bag slightly inclined and shake from side to side over the carpet area. Leave for 30-60 minutes before vacuuming.  However, the longer you wait the better the results will be. You will accomplish better results by vacuuming the floor first to bring up any loose dirt and particles.

For use only on dry carpets. Unsuitable for use on carpet tiles or similar pile carpets.

Our unique handmade formula minimises bad odours, helps to lift stains, and refreshes the appearance of your chosen surface.