Cedarwood 100% essential oil candle with a crackling Wood Wick and presented in a rose gold tin.


Used in aromatherapy applications, Cedarwood has a soft, woody aroma with undertones of sandalwood. Warm and calming. Made from 100% essential oil.


Cedarwood Essential Oil helps to improve cerebral activity, relax the body, enhance concentration, decrease hyperactivity, reduce harmful stress, ease tension, clear the mind, and encourage the onset of quality sleep. When used in odorous objects like candles then this can have many health benefits.


Wood Wicked candles have a reputation for burning cleaner than many other candles. They produce a natural smell and a delightful fireside crackle. When they are burned correctly, they can last for a very long time and burn without wasting wax. Wood Wicked candles produce a beautiful, cosy effect and mood. 


Cedarwood Essential Oil Scented Wood wick Candle. Rose Gold

SKU: 56-K129-9NE6
  • Trim your wick:
    In order to relight your candle you must remove the burnt wood of your wick in between burns. Simply just pinch the black wood with your fingers, lightly wiggle, and snap off what is easily removed. Please refrain from cutting your wick as it is very easy to cut the wick too short.

    If your candle flame grows to over 1 inch high or the candle begins to smoke, then carefully extinguish the candle, allow the wick and wax to cool, and trim the wick to 1/4 inch. Remove and discard all wick trimmings before relighting the candle.

  • 50+ hours

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