Used in aromatherapy applications, Citronella Essential Oil slows or prevents the growth or spread of harmful airborne bacteria, warn away flying insects, uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind. It is reputed to reduce muscles spasms, ease headaches, and boost energy.

Most peoples associate Citronella to warn away flying insects and is typically burned outdoors to Fantastic for when you want to sit outside and not be disturbed by these or bitten.


Citronella Can Be Harmful To Pets If Consumed.


These reed diffuser refills are filled with the maximum amount of 100% Pure Essential Oils mixed with a premium carrier oil to give them the best performance possible. 

Simply unscrew the cap and pour into your diffuser bottle. For best results you may need to replace the diffuser sticks if previously soaked in another fragrance.

These bottles are made from HDPE plastic and are fully recyclable. Please do your bit for the planet and recycle this product once used.

Citronella Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Refill

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