Express Yourself Candle Making Kit is perfect for anyone who loves to understand how things work and to craft their own items.

The beauty of this kit is everything you need is provided except the container. This is where you get creative and choose your own vessel. This could be a vintage cup, whisky glass, small paint tin the possibilities are endless!

Simply select the fragrance of choice from the scent drop down box. 

Included in this kit is 200g of Paraffin wax which will burn for a total of 40 hours approximately. We provide 2 wicks and 2 sustainers in case you want to make 2 smaller sized candles around the 100ml size. We provide the fragrance oil of choice also so everything is all ready weighed out for you.

To melt the wax all you will have to do is double boil the wax ensuring that no water gets into the wax or alternatively microwave the wax keeping a close eye on it.

Ideally you will have access to a thermometer or temperature gun to take the reading of the wax throughout the process.

All instructions will be provided on how to make your candle. Don't worry if you get it wrong, you can always melt down the wax and try again!

Express Yourself Candle Making Kit. Choose Your Fragrance.