Our In To You for Her Car Air Freshener is similar in notes to an iconic ladies perfume. The fragrance has a floral and fresh aroma with bergamot, grapefruit, orchid and vanilla.


Treat yourself to a lovely aroma around your car with your favourite aftershave. Would make a perfect gift for him./her


We are in no way affiliated or endorsed with any brand name other than Scent Selection   

Ideal also for bathrooms, drawers and wardrobes or anywhere that needs a little fragrance. Similar to the high end aftershave, the diffuser is filled with premium oils for a lasting fragrance.

Perfect addition to any car essentials/accessories for the interior of your car
Instructions for use: Simply remove the stopper cap and turn the bottle upside down for a couple of seconds to release the fantastic luxury fragrance. This wets the diffuser and releases the fragrance gradually. Repeat this step as required.

Terms & Conditions: Do not over soak your wooden cork. Make sure your cork is screwed on tightly and sitting level after removing the plastic cap. Position the ball on your rope centrally to avoid and reduce swinging. Keep liquids away from skin & clothes. Keep liquids away from car interiors (dashboards, seats, controls), must hang freely from your mirror and not rest on anything Failure to abide by the conditions above could result in leaking, stains & damages. We will not be held responsible for leaks, stains & damages due to the overuse and misuse of the products. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

In To You For Her Inspired Hanging Car Air Freshener/Reed Diffuser