Who said luxury couldnt be environmentally friendly!


These candles are all made from recycled jars. This can range from Jam Jars to Nutella Jars to Honey Jars and are attractibely labelled and packaged. All of these candles are fully handmade to order.


With our essential oil candles we use 100% Essential oils which will offer various health  benefits when used in aromatherapy such as relief of stress and anxiety, the feeling of depression and can also be used for pain relief.


Of course these are not just healing candles but everyone who loves these natural fragrances can appreciate them.


The purpose of these candles is to reduce our carbon footprint and help contribute towards a more sustainable planet. Our jars are sourced locally by likeminded people also trying to cut down on waste that we create in life. 


Never has it been more important to start recycling and to help save our oceans and all the wildlife that die every day due to non-biodegradable plastic and glass waste. 


All the jars are simlilar in size and will all hold 350ml of our premium eco-friendly wax. Please be aware that while all the jars are similar in size they may vary slightly in shape and the lids may vary. What we fill them with is always the same - High quality premium scented candles.


Simply choose what scent, personalised message if you wish and type of wax you would like and we will take care of the rest!


Soy Wax - Made from natural soy bean oils. They are a dense wax which means it takes more heat for them to disperse fragrance. We advise not to have burning in a place with a lot of movement for example near the front door of your house. Opening these entrances to the outside may mean that the air is disturbed and you let some of the fragrance out of the house.


Paraffin Wax - Paraffin wax is a well known world class wax. It has the best scent throw from all waxes and are ideal for any size room that you would like to odourise.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Essential Oil Scented Candle - 350ml

Wax Type
  • 350ml

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