Scent Selection’s room sprays are a perfect edition to any household. They have a use in every room. The alluring scents of these room air fresheners will brighten up any household and transport you to a relaxing calm state of mind.


This fragrance is inspired by the popular mens aftershave which has taken the world by storm. 


Whether it’s an aftershave, perfume, linen or essential oil fragrance you are sure to be addicted from the first spray. As the saying goes, “If it smells...Spray it!”


We make our room sprays with super high concentration fragrance oils and de-ionised water to protect from water-spots on hard and polished surfaces, to protect the longevity of the bottle and to enhance the performance of the room air freshener.


These Room sprays could be used also on / in your

  • Car
  • Home
  • Office
  • Boat
  • Fabric/Clothing
  • Sofas/Pillows/Linen
  • Toilet



Non-Pressurised - Contains more air freshener liquid than an aerosol of the same volume. This is because propellant takes up volume inside the aerosol canister. This room spray also is not flammable which makes it a safer application to use around the home.



Savage Inspired Double Strength Room Spray 250ML


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