Wood Wick Scented Paraffin Candles

A wood wicked candle is made of wood instead of a cotton string used for regular candles. This means it gives off crackling sounds just like a fireplace and produces a beautiful effect and mood. The candle is essentially made of wax just like a regular candle. They last longer than regular candles.

Wood wicked candles have a reputation for burning cleaner than many other candles. They produce a natural smell and do not introduce additional smoke into your living space, that is, if they are used properly. When they are burned correctly, they can last for a very long time and burn without wasting wax.

Paraffin wax is known for its world class scent throw which leaves your house smelling fantastic. These candles can be used in small or large rooms or anywhere you please!

Artisan Hand Crafted Candles, made here in Yorkshire.